Light Truck and Van

  • Optimized staggered dual center block design
  • and strong shoulders provide better impact distribution, water dispersion, and grip on both dry and wet road surfaces 
  • Designed to offer the best mix of durability, comfort, and road performance
  • Offers value for money with low rolling resistance and longer tire life
  • Recommended for vans and smaller cargo transport Vehicles

  • Season:Summer
  • Vehicle type:PCR
Dimensions Index
185 R 14C 102/100R
195 R 14C 106/104Q
195/70 R 15C 104/102S
225/70 R 15C 112/110R
195 R 15C 106/104R
195/75 R 16C 107/105R
205/70 R 15C 106/104R
215/70 R 15C 109//107R