A tyre that perfectly suits most small and medium sized vehicles

• Brand new high-speed pattern for the most demanding vehicles in the SUV segment
• Modern aggressive design and innovative features ensures
  precise steering and optimal handling response
• Enlarged tread surface and reduced shoulder grooves for maximal control
• Unique asymmetric design ensures even wear and minimal road noise
• Mixed groove direction and cross-cut sipings provide optimal traction and safety
• The solid center rib ensures directional stability while
  minimal sipings improve high-speed  performance
• Hard V speed rating maximizes your contact with the surface of the road

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  • Season:Summer
  • Vehicle type:PCR
Dimensions Index
235/75 R 15 105H
215/70 R 16 100H
225/70 R 16 103H
215/65 R 16 98H
225/65 R 17 102H
235/65 R 17 108V XL
265/65 R 17 112H
235/60 R 16 100H
235/60 R 18 107H XL
255/55 R 18 109V XL
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