• New tread design for improved performance
  • Excellent handling in both wet and dry road conditions
  • Recommended for sport vehicles and compact cars
  • Unique asymmetric design ensures low external and in-cabin noise
  • Mixed groove direction and cross-cut sipings provide optimal traction and safety

  • Season:Summer
  • Vehicle type:PCR
Dimensions Index
215/55 R 17R 98W
235/55 R 17R 103W XL
195/50 R 16R 105H
245/45 R 19R 102W XL
215/40 R 19R 89Y XL
235/40 R 19R 98W XL
245/40 R 19R 98W XL
275/40 R 20R 106Y XL
215/35 R 18R 84W XL
245/35 R 19R 95Y XL
255/35 R 20R 85W XL
255/30 R 20R 85W XL