A tyre that perfectly suits most small and medium sized vehicles

• New generation tread design for improved performance
• Asymmetric tread pattern provides comfort and low noise
• Excellent handling in both wet and dry road conditions
• Optimized tread mix for even wear and high mileage
• Compound designed to ensure maximum grip and
  short breaking distance
• Constant performance for the total tire life span
• Designed for smaller and mid-range vehicles

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  • Season:Summer
  • Vehicle type:PCR
Dimensions Index
155/80 R 13R 79T
175/70 R 13R 82T
165/70 R 14R 85T XL
185/70 R 14R 88T
155/65 R 13R 73T
155/65 R 14R 75T
175/65 R 14R 82T
195/65 R 15R 91H
195/65 R 15R 91V
195/65 R 15 95H XL
165/60 R 14 75H
195/60 R 15 88H
215/60 R 16 99V XL
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