These terms apply to all transactions made by 
NDI Group A/S, Merkurvej 7, 6650 Brørup,
CVR-number 81203113 hereinafter called NDI.

This price list includes recommended prices for registered companies. All prices are exclusive of VAT and environmental fees. This price list is subject to alterations at anytime & cancels all previous lists, and is subject to change without prior notice. All orders will be carried out on the day of dispatch to the current price. Goods purchased in fixed orders must be taken and can't be returned.

Guarantee regulation

As tyres and tubes can be subject to abnormal wear or overload, there is no provision for reduced wear or any other performance guarantee. Tyres and tubes that have been established to be defective can be send in CPT (Carriage Paid To) to NDI with all relevant information. If the investigation shows that it is a manufacturing or material shortfall, a remuneration including the freight expenses will be issued. Compared to the current market value and otherwise in accordance with the Sale of Goods Act (provided that the goods are not older than 6 years from date of manufacture or 5 years from purchase date).

Product liability

Compensation for any injuries and consequential damages in compliance with the law on product liability. NDI is only liable for damage to material or personal property if it is proved that the damage caused by errors or omissions committed by NDI, and not responsible for any loss of earnings or other indirect costs. To the extent that NDI had imposed product liability towards any third party, the buyer is obliged to keep NDI protected to the same extent as NDIS liability is limited according to the above. If a third party claims damages against another party under this section, the claimant shall immediately notify the other thereof. NDI andthe buyer are mutually obliged to avail themselves be summoned to the court or arbitration, which deals with claims made against one of them on the basis of an injury allegedly to be caused by products or services provided.

Returns and exchanges of goods

Returns and exchanges of goods can only take place with prior arrangement. Goods supplied correctly which are returned are subject to a deduction of the following fee net price: dismounted undamaged items in original packaging 10%. Undamaged products that have been assembled / installed 20%

Acknowledgment of delivery or damage

If there is no provision for non-delivery, or that the product is received in a damaged condition later than 8 days of receipt, these goods are consider to be delivered according to the contract in a good and usable condition. If a product is received in a visibly damaged state the recipient, must indicate the details on the transport documents accompanying the goods, in particularly identifi ed on the waybill, on the receipt of the items, if the carriage is performed by a third party / haulage contractor or mail.